A Call to Conversation

Given that the direction of my writing is in the process of changing (moving away from travel and towards bicultural parenting abroad), I recently put the question to my readers: What would you like to read more of on my blog?

The response I got from one of them blew me away: she gave me a list of some 17 questions related to my hopes, fears, and expectations of the little human that is on her way into this world. Her questions strike me as so relevant to any expecting parent—and even to parents who already have children—that I’ve decided to tackle each one as a separate blog post.

Most of these questions are ones that expecting parents think about to some degree or another, daydreaming about what our children will be like and how we will raise them. But I’d imagine that most pregnant women are spending so much time thinking about how best to take care of their little ones in utero—which prenatal tests to have done, what gear to buy, who their pediatrician will be, and so on—that they don’t take the time to give direct thought to these questions. That’s certainly been true in my case.

One only has to look at popular pregnancy apps to see where most expectant mother’s minds are in the months leading up to birth. Perhaps the closest these apps have come to a humanistic proposition during my pregnancy was, “What do you think baby’s first words will be?”. (To which my immediate guess, based on what I know of Noel and I was “chinga tu pinche madre?”—a phrase too foul to translate here!).

And yet, isn’t it equally important to give conscious consideration to the character of these “human beans” we’re sowing on earth? And aren’t these the truly vital points of sharing and connection for parents?

Over the coming weeks I’m going to dive into these topics. I’ll talk about my personal views and hopes for my child, but the point is really to engage in conversation.

I want to hear what you think. What are your hopes and philosophies for your current or future children?

Non-parents are welcome to respond as well. The future of society is in the hands of our youth. Whether you’re a mother, a teacher, or delivery driver with no interest in ever having children, we all have an influence in one way or another on the next generation.

And with our world more divided than ever, perhaps the best thing we can do for our children is to break the ground for conversation.

  2 comments for “A Call to Conversation

  1. Pamela Osgood
    June 23, 2017 at 11:33 pm

    Wow! Rachel, I’m honored. Looking forward to the responses you get. My hope is that there will be a future here on earth for the coming generations, that the enormous problems we face today can be solved so that this incredible planet remains inhabitable and that life will flourish.

  2. June 24, 2017 at 12:04 am

    Really nice; great topic. Proud of you mamma-to-be

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