A Call to Conversation

Given that the direction of my writing is in the process of changing (moving away from travel and towards bicultural parenting abroad), I recently put the question to my readers: What would you like to read more of on my blog? The response I got from one of them blew me away: she gave me a list of some 17… Read more →

Midwifes, Massages, and Mezcal: The Holy Triad of Fertility Treatments?

So there we are. It had been decided. I wanted a baby. Pretty sure, anyway. Scared as hell, but yeah – let’s do it. We’d been…not trying, but not blocking…for a year and a half and nothing was taking hold. I’d come to think everything was a symptom of pregnancy, and if you read the online forums, everything is. I… Read more →

Shape-Shifting: The Identity Crisis of Pregnancy

I’m 18 weeks pregnant. They say my baby is the size of an artichoke. Weird unit of measure. Later, my pregnancy app will tell me it’s the size of a coconut, and then a grapefruit. Either my baby is shrinking, or these app developers don’t know what real, unprocessed fruit looks like. The coconuts in my back yard are 3… Read more →

To Be A Woman

I woke in the night, mouth dry, throat gasping for water (which, in my sleep state, I seemed to think would come from my cell phone, as I fuddled in the bed cracks looking for the electronic device I could drink from). I got up to eat a lozenge and saw the stars beaming through my window. So many stars… Read more →

A Public Announcement – Brace Yourselves

Ok. I’m gonna say it now. That thing I thought I’d never say. That thing I spent thirty some-odd years living in unmitigated fear of. That thing what looked to me like an island prison that the masses willingly turned themselves in to – subjecting themselves to a lifetime of bonded service, drastically restricted options, relentless financial pressure, years of… Read more →

Chomping At The Bit: When Hidden Anxiety Is Written All Over Your Face

He called it “achievement anxiety” – that thing I suffered from. He was one of the most delusional¬†assholes I ever dated, but he did get that right. Achievement Anxiety: the tension that underlies most moments of the day due to the core belief that in order to be valuable (and loved), one must accomplish a certain undefined number of things… Read more →


My family was an active one while I was growing up: hiking, canoeing, skiing, swimming, sports. From first grade through high school I played soccer. By my junior year I was still only on the JV team, occasionally subbing for the varsity team. I didn’t understand how I could have played for 11 years and still not make varsity. Freshman… Read more →

The Most Important Question To Ask Ourselves

I just broke up with Hollywood. Ok, so it wasn’t a bird in the pocket – no official offer had been put on the table. But we were certainly¬†on our way to a long-term relationship – what looked, on the surface, like a dream come true: fame and fortune (relatively speaking), my creation paired with the rich and famous. All… Read more →

Fear: Our Captain Incognito

Fear is a sneaky motherfucker. You think you’ve got everything down. Life is going just the way you planned – maybe even better! You only need to tweak this, and spin that, and…and… And then you realize you’ve been acting like a cowardly asshole. For years. In fact, despite your show of accomplishments – the distances traversed and storms survived… Read more →

How To Celebrate The Holidays When You’re Alone & Far From Home

“How did you get through the holidays here, because I’m having a really hard time?” my little sister asked me. She had just moved to Hawaii and couldn’t wrap her brain around the fact that she had to spend Thanksgiving in 80 degree weather under palm trees, far from family, with no turkey dinner. (I know, get over it, right?… Read more →

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