Jose Mujica in Consumerism & Freedom

Some of you may of hear of Uruguay’s (now former) president president, Jose Mujica. He’s unlike any other leader I’ve ever heard of, and a true inspiration. This video really hit home for me – especially after spending 6 months in the USA fighting the cancerous temptation of consumerism. What are your thoughts? Read more →

Too Much Junk In Our Trunk: A Journey Across America

It’d been 15 weeks in the “Land of the Free” for my Mexican Monster. Fifteen weeks was more than enough time to understand how good we had it back in Baja. Three weeks would have sufficed. As those days slowly ticked by I watched my husband whither and close down. “I feel like I’m keeping a wild animal behind bars,”… Read more →

Writing (And Meditating) Without A Routine

For those traveling writers out there, this is an interesting perspective. (This can also be translated for meditators, practitioners, and artists of all types, I’d say). The vast majority of the time we are told that in order to be productive with our writing, we must have a routine. We must decide – and religiously stick to – certain hours… Read more →

Traveling Without Moving

The vast majority of us who live for travel, long for it all those months between trips. For most people it’s not possible to travel year-round; for others, they simply don’t want to be on the move constantly. And yet that yearning for the richness of life on the road does not relent. How then, can we nurse from the teat… Read more →

When a Nomad Settles Down (plus photos of my Aztec Wedding Extravaganza)

(photo by Nikki Woodward) Marriage. For many a nomadic woman this is an institution to be spurned. We’re an independent, ballsy breed – why would we need an extra set permanently encroaching on our lifestyle? Short-term, serial monogamy? Sure. An international spread of lovers? Yes please! But a life-long commitment to one person? How could anyone whose M.O. is personal transformation know that… Read more →

Ayotzinapa’s 43: How to Respond to Social Unrest as a Traveler

September 28th: the afternoon we boarded the bus, we heard murmurings of a protest: something about poor, rural students and injustices in the government. The details were unclear. Protests are a fairly regular occurrence in that region, so we didn’t give it much thought at the time. It wasn’t until a full week later that the story lifted from the fog… Read more →

To the Introvert Suffering Through Another Party

Sexy black top, jeans, make-up, and flip-flops: I was all dolled up. All dolled up for a little desert town in Baja, that is. It was the first night in weeks that there was an event on. Summer had come in Todos Santos, which meant insufferable temperatures, an utter dearth of things to do, and a fleeing of 50% of… Read more →

Travel the USA for Free: Tips From the Experienced

I came across this article the other day, and knowing what travel enthusiasts you all are, I thought you’d appreciate it. Much of what author, Joe Martino, suggests is on the extreme end (bathing under a broken fire hydrant?), but for those of you not prepared to go it whole hog, you can take what you’re prepared to from these tips,… Read more →

Mezcal Under Siege

I’m proud to say I’ve been published again on the website of my heros:! I initially founded this blog in 2008, back when it was just a page on the website. Since then it’s evolved into it’s own, self-sustained page, and I’m proud to be back on it! The article is about the future of mezcal, and the… Read more →

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