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Traveling Without Moving

The vast majority of us who live for travel, long for it all those months between trips. For most people it’s not possible to travel year-round; for others, they simply don’t want to be on the move constantly. And yet that yearning for the richness of life on the road does not relent. How then, can we nurse from the teat… Read more →

Travel the USA for Free: Tips From the Experienced

I came across this article the other day, and knowing what travel enthusiasts you all are, I thought you’d appreciate it. Much of what author, Joe Martino, suggests is on the extreme end (bathing under a broken fire hydrant?), but for those of you not prepared to go it whole hog, you can take what you’re prepared to from these tips,… Read more →

Ethnocation Video: Discovering the Wisdom of Our World

It’s finally here! Over two years in the making and we have the video of Ethnocation’s first mission in India and Nepal! (Long pauses in productivity are the norm when you’re a nomad). A big thanks to my dear friends and video editors, Keveen and Gina with KORAKOR. They did a terrific job with my not-so-terrific videography skills! Share the love! Read more →

An Amuse-Bouche For The Feast of Uncertainty

 “It seems that all my bridges have been brunt, but you say that’s exactly how this Grace thing works.” – Mumford & Sons – There is a scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that regularly comes to mind these days. Indy is on the verge of reaching his goal: the Holy Grail lies within a small room at the… Read more →

Revolutionize Your Travel!

TA-DA! I have now launched my new business! ALCHEMY OF TRAVEL Who would have thought that the itchy-footed artist, Hong Kong Rachel, would ever take an interest in entrepreneurship?? The answer came in making a business out of what I love, and helping others get what they want: authentic, fulfilling travel. The world is perched on the edge of change:… Read more →

Day 11 (& 10): Lamayuru – Alchi

29 July, 2011       70kms, 2 hours After spending 1 more day in Lamayuru relaxing (hence the reason Day 10 was not included in the blog page), we headed on to Alchi – the site of another ancient monastery. This stretch of road was some of the worst we’d traveled, with a lot of construction, dirt and loose stone… Read more →

Day 9: Around Lamayuru

27 July 2011, Wednesday Lamayuru was so beautiful we decided to stay a few nights, take it easy and wander ‘round. There’s not much to it aside from the magnificent monastery (which is more than enough), but the atmosphere is such that just being here satisfies. We traipsed up the hill to the gompa in early afternoon. The path held… Read more →

Day 8: Mulbekh to Lamayuru

26 July, 2011, Tuesday Mulbekh to Lamayuru (3,390m)  70km, 2.5 hrs The sun roused us early and offered up a gorgeous Ladakhi morning: full blue sky, puffy white clouds, and red rock mountains. We paused a moment on the terrace to take in the grandeur and entered a traveler’s conversation, speaking about the shift in energy when going from days… Read more →

Day 7: Enter Ladakh

25 July, 2011, Monday                          Dras – Mulbekh          6 hrs        kms unknown At 4am – 15 minutes after we’d gone to bed – the call to prayer blasted through the rattly speaker from the mosque just next to our hotel. At 7:30am the alarm went off. We had a… Read more →

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