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Too Much Junk In Our Trunk: A Journey Across America

It’d been 15 weeks in the “Land of the Free” for my Mexican Monster. Fifteen weeks was more than enough time to understand how good we had it back in Baja. Three weeks would have sufficed. As those days slowly ticked by I watched my husband whither and close down. “I feel like I’m keeping a wild animal behind bars,”… Read more →

Traveling Without Moving

The vast majority of us who live for travel, long for it all those months between trips. For most people it’s not possible to travel year-round; for others, they simply don’t want to be on the move constantly. And yet that yearning for the richness of life on the road does not relent. How then, can we nurse from the teat… Read more →

Ayotzinapa’s 43: How to Respond to Social Unrest as a Traveler

September 28th: the afternoon we boarded the bus, we heard murmurings of a protest: something about poor, rural students and injustices in the government. The details were unclear. Protests are a fairly regular occurrence in that region, so we didn’t give it much thought at the time. It wasn’t until a full week later that the story lifted from the fog… Read more →

Get my eBook for Free!

Drum roll please…. Announcing my first eBook! For free to all you wonderful people who subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated on blogs and publication news. The Alchemy of Travel:Transform Your Life By Changing the Way You Travel is full of advice, tips, stories, photos, and a wealth of resources to turn you from a tourist to a Travel… Read more →

An Amuse-Bouche For The Feast of Uncertainty

 “It seems that all my bridges have been brunt, but you say that’s exactly how this Grace thing works.” – Mumford & Sons – There is a scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade that regularly comes to mind these days. Indy is on the verge of reaching his goal: the Holy Grail lies within a small room at the… Read more →

How To Haggle With a Mexican Grandmother

One of the first things you learn when traveling outside the western world is that the price ain’t set in stone. Depending on the country and the item for sale, haggling may be either insulting, encouraged, expected, or at the very least worth trying. My first experiences with bartering were painful. I hated it. But after learning the ropes in… Read more →

Ciao bella!

I’ve said my goodbyes to San Francisco. Things seem to have come to a resting place. My first morning in the city, I rode on the back of a friend’s bike through the Mission. And here, my final ride on my own motorcycle, took me down the same path. This time it was the evening light glowing amber off the… Read more →

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