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A Public Announcement – Brace Yourselves

Ok. I’m gonna say it now. That thing I thought I’d never say. That thing I spent thirty some-odd years living in unmitigated fear of. That thing what looked to me like an island prison that the masses willingly turned themselves in to – subjecting themselves to a lifetime of bonded service, drastically restricted options, relentless financial pressure, years of… Read more →

When a Nomad Settles Down (plus photos of my Aztec Wedding Extravaganza)

(photo by Nikki Woodward) Marriage. For many a nomadic woman this is an institution to be spurned. We’re an independent, ballsy breed – why would we need an extra set permanently encroaching on our lifestyle? Short-term, serial monogamy? Sure. An international spread of lovers? Yes please! But a life-long commitment to one person? How could anyone whose M.O. is personal transformation know that… Read more →