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Jose Mujica in Consumerism & Freedom

Some of you may of hear of Uruguay’s (now former) president president, Jose Mujica. He’s unlike any other leader I’ve ever heard of, and a true inspiration. This video really hit home for me – especially after spending 6 months in the USA fighting the cancerous temptation of consumerism. What are your thoughts? Share the love! Read more →

When a Nomad Settles Down (plus photos of my Aztec Wedding Extravaganza)

(photo by Nikki Woodward) Marriage. For many a nomadic woman this is an institution to be spurned. We’re an independent, ballsy breed – why would we need an extra set permanently encroaching on our lifestyle? Short-term, serial monogamy? Sure. An international spread of lovers? Yes please! But a life-long commitment to one person? How could anyone whose M.O. is personal transformation know that… Read more →

To the Introvert Suffering Through Another Party

Sexy black top, jeans, make-up, and flip-flops: I was all dolled up. All dolled up for a little desert town in Baja, that is. It was the first night in weeks that there was an event on. Summer had come in Todos Santos, which meant insufferable temperatures, an utter dearth of things to do, and a fleeing of 50% of… Read more →

The Thought-Obsessed Mind

For the past three weeks I’ve been working diligently on various projects. Well, primarily one: our crowdfunding campaign. I love – neigh, I am completely and utterly addicted to – projects. If I have an idea for a project and I decide to commit, I run with it. Think Olympian distance runner on ritalin. It’s horribly unhealthy. All semblance of mental and… Read more →

Travel and Our Sense of Identity

Recently I read a blog post by my friend, John Leonard: Thinking About Poverty As I Travel. His take on the situation is “You create what happens in your life and you get what you are looking for.” You can read the article for an explanation (it’s on a great travel website – I recommend getting lost in its pages… Read more →

To Be or Not To Be…A Label

“A month on a boat does not a yachtie make,” he informed me. “If you want in, you gotta earn it!” An acquaintance of mine – a yacht captain – had responded to the title of my last post – half joking, half not. And fair enough – I’d never seriously label myself as something after only doing it for one… Read more →

The Clumsy, Error-Strewn Path

“Wherever goodness lay, it did not lie in ritual, unthinking, obeisance before a deity but rather, perhaps, in the slow, clumsy, error-strewn working out of an individual or collective path.” – Salman Rushdie, The Enchantress of Florence –   We pulled away from the Miami Beach Marina dock at 3am. The sky was overcast, the seas gently rolling. Tierra Firma we… Read more →

Make Your Work Your Lover, Not Your Porn Star

These days there’s a lot of talk about establishing our niche in the business world, living an authentic life, finding our inner power, and making money doing what we love. Does anyone else feel like the majority of it is pretty masturbatory? I mean, I’m a BIG proponent of all these things, but I’d like to point out a slippery… Read more →

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