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The time between the elsewheres of non-USA countries.

Too Much Junk In Our Trunk: A Journey Across America

It’d been 15 weeks in the “Land of the Free” for my Mexican Monster. Fifteen weeks was more than enough time to understand how good we had it back in Baja. Three weeks would have sufficed. As those days slowly ticked by I watched my husband whither and close down. “I feel like I’m keeping a wild animal behind bars,”… Read more →

Seeing Beyond the Medium

A hush fell over the audience as the lights dimmed. I settled in, preparing myself for the adventure: men clad in goatees and tights chasing each other about the set, clashing steel against steel. Very quickly I found myself uncomfortable. The lines were over pronounced, the facial expressions over-the-top, the enthusiasm of the actors over done. Oh… I squirmed, wondering… Read more →

Slice Literary Conference – Brooklyn, NY

This is way overdue, but what the hell… July 18th I landed in NYC to attend my first literary conference, put on by Slice – a Brooklyn-based literary journal that seeks to bridge the gap between emerging authors and the publishing world ( Buzzing off the success of the talk I’d given three nights previously on my Himalayan adventure, and armed… Read more →

Off the Beaten Path

A big thank you to all those who attended my talk last night at Roads, Rivers, and Trails! Off the Beaten Path: Hiking a Remote Himalayan Pilgrimage Trail was the first talk I’ve given since university days (see It was a great turn out! It was a pleasure to see friends, family, and strangers present. I thank everyone for their interest, enthusiasm,… Read more →