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Intuitive Parenting: A Foundational Philosophy That Begins In Pregnancy

Adults without children are notoriously opinionated on the correct methods of parenting. I am among the worst of them. Those opinions can only have a certain amount of validity being as they’ve never been field-tested. But once one becomes pregnant, those philosophies begin to take on substance—even while the guinea pig is still in utero. The best way to become… Read more →

Make Your Work Your Lover, Not Your Porn Star

These days there’s a lot of talk about establishing our niche in the business world, living an authentic life, finding our inner power, and making money doing what we love. Does anyone else feel like the majority of it is pretty masturbatory? I mean, I’m a BIG proponent of all these things, but I’d like to point out a slippery… Read more →

Seeing Beyond the Medium

A hush fell over the audience as the lights dimmed. I settled in, preparing myself for the adventure: men clad in goatees and tights chasing each other about the set, clashing steel against steel. Very quickly I found myself uncomfortable. The lines were over pronounced, the facial expressions over-the-top, the enthusiasm of the actors over done. Oh… I squirmed, wondering… Read more →

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