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Shape-Shifting: The Identity Crisis of Pregnancy

I’m 18 weeks pregnant. They say my baby is the size of an artichoke. Weird unit of measure. Later, my pregnancy app will tell me it’s the size of a coconut, and then a grapefruit. Either my baby is shrinking, or these app developers don’t know what real, unprocessed fruit looks like. The coconuts in my back yard are 3… Read more →

Travel and Our Sense of Identity

Recently I read a blog post by my friend, John Leonard: Thinking About Poverty As I Travel. His take on the situation is “You create what happens in your life and you get what you are looking for.” You can read the article for an explanation (it’s on a great travel website – I recommend getting lost in its pages… Read more →

To Be or Not To Be…A Label

“A month on a boat does not a yachtie make,” he informed me. “If you want in, you gotta earn it!” An acquaintance of mine – a yacht captain – had responded to the title of my last post – half joking, half not. And fair enough – I’d never┬áseriously label myself as something after only doing it for one… Read more →

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