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12 Things I Hope To Instill In My Child

Aye, newly born parents! How many dreams we have—how much hope, how many preconceived ideas—for that little package of meat steadily chunking out in the nest of mamá! And surely our naïveté far surpasses those parents now on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th child, who have long since discovered that while parenting goals are important, our romantic visions will never be… Read more →

What I Learned from Rainbow Brite About Meditation

In my last blog I recommended the audiobook, Cutting Through Fear. It’s a visualization practice that has some unusual elements built into it. Add in whatever your mind projects, and you could produce one bizzaro picture. (Gracias a http://innerrave.org/books.html for this image) Visualization practices sometimes bring up scary images; other times they’re humorous. It can be hard to trust in what we… Read more →

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