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Motherhood: A Burden or Blessing?

Those who’ve known me for years know that for most of my life I’d sworn off having children. You could say it was one of my greatest fears. I’m surely not the only woman who has had a changed of heart, and I don’t think we can simply chalk it up to our biological clocks. So what is it? What… Read more →

Midwifes, Massages, and Mezcal: The Holy Triad of Fertility Treatments?

So there we are. It had been decided. I wanted a baby. Pretty sure, anyway. Scared as hell, but yeah – let’s do it. We’d been…not trying, but not blocking…for a year and a half and nothing was taking hold. I’d come to think everything was a symptom of pregnancy, and if you read the online forums, everything is. I… Read more →

Too Much Junk In Our Trunk: A Journey Across America

It’d been 15 weeks in the “Land of the Free” for my Mexican Monster. Fifteen weeks was more than enough time to understand how good we had it back in Baja. Three weeks would have sufficed. As those days slowly ticked by I watched my husband whither and close down. “I feel like I’m keeping a wild animal behind bars,”… Read more →

Ayotzinapa’s 43: How to Respond to Social Unrest as a Traveler

September 28th: the afternoon we boarded the bus, we heard murmurings of a protest: something about poor, rural students and injustices in the government. The details were unclear. Protests are a fairly regular occurrence in that region, so we didn’t give it much thought at the time. It wasn’t until a full week later that the story lifted from the fog… Read more →

Faith: From Daily Struggle to Natural Flow

“You were born with the natural capacity to make whatever you want,” Noel told me as he worked tying lengths of bamboo together. “The first step is fe in you self. You don’t have fe in you self, you don’t have nothing.” In Mexico, Faith (or fe in Spanish) blooms like the Garden of Eden on the desert continent of… Read more →

How To Haggle With a Mexican Grandmother

One of the first things you learn when traveling outside the western world is that the price ain’t set in stone. Depending on the country and the item for sale, haggling may be either insulting, encouraged, expected, or at the very least worth trying. My first experiences with bartering were painful. I hated it. But after learning the ropes in… Read more →

Danza de los Aztecas

As alluded to in my blog “Zihuatanejo, Act I”, other key characters have been dancing their way into my Mexican Melodrama – literally. Funny how friendships go: you wake up one Sunday with a rum hangover, get unexpectedly whisked away to a sea turtle refuge, and meet the people that connect you to the people that are your people. The day… Read more →

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