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Midwifes, Massages, and Mezcal: The Holy Triad of Fertility Treatments?

So there we are. It had been decided. I wanted a baby. Pretty sure, anyway. Scared as hell, but yeah – let’s do it. We’d been…not trying, but not blocking…for a year and a half and nothing was taking hold. I’d come to think everything was a symptom of pregnancy, and if you read the online forums, everything is. I… Read more →

The Most Important Question To Ask Ourselves

I just broke up with Hollywood. Ok, so it wasn’t a bird in the pocket – no official offer had been put on the table. But we were certainly on our way to a long-term relationship – what looked, on the surface, like a dream come true: fame and fortune (relatively speaking), my creation paired with the rich and famous. All… Read more →

Fear: Our Captain Incognito

Fear is a sneaky motherfucker. You think you’ve got everything down. Life is going just the way you planned – maybe even better! You only need to tweak this, and spin that, and…and… And then you realize you’ve been acting like a cowardly asshole. For years. In fact, despite your show of accomplishments – the distances traversed and storms survived… Read more →

Mezcal Under Siege

I’m proud to say I’ve been published again on the website of my heros: Nopalize.com! I initially founded this blog in 2008, back when it was just a page on the Nopasf.com website. Since then it’s evolved into it’s own, self-sustained page, and I’m proud to be back on it! The article is about the future of mezcal, and the… Read more →

The Thought-Obsessed Mind

For the past three weeks I’ve been working diligently on various projects. Well, primarily one: our crowdfunding campaign. I love – neigh, I am completely and utterly addicted to – projects. If I have an idea for a project and I decide to commit, I run with it. Think Olympian distance runner on ritalin. It’s horribly unhealthy. All semblance of mental and… Read more →

Your Power Mantra: “Fuck It”

Last week I left my problems with Tonantzin (aka, the Virgin of Guadalupe), and low and behold, she solved them! It was a practice of faith. By trusting in something more powerful than myself, and knowing I would be ok regardless of what happened, I made space for flow. The mezcal-tasting, salsa-dancing fundraiser we struggled to put on turned out… Read more →

Clearly, Being Drunk is the Answer

Last night I realized my problem: I don’t drink enough. Specifically, I don’t drink enough mezcal while belting out songs with Nina Simone and dancing around in my underwear. So what the hell have I been doing all these years?? The reasons I don’t drink enough are numerous. Number 1, I’m highly prone to headaches. Number 2, I usually find… Read more →

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